Milliyet Gazetecilik A.S.

Kizilmaske Bir Cizgi-Roman Klasigi (which translates to ‘The Phantom – A Comic-Novel Classic’) was published by Milliyet Gazetecilik A.S. in Istanbul, Turkey in 2001. The softcover comic book was released as a free supplement giveaway with a Milliyet published newspaper and is the only edition released to feature the Phantom.

The Phantom edition contains the title ‘Kızılmaske’ as he’s known in Turkey, published on 98 black and white pages and measures 14.7cm x 21cm. We also see the ‘Milliyet’ logo on the front cover, plus the edition number, Sayi 1.

The comic book starts with an article on the Phantom on the inside front cover, titled ‘Kizilmaske’Nin Dunyasi’ (which translates to ‘The Phantom’s World) written by Figen Turna, followed by 2 Phantom comic strip stories, written by Lee Falk and illustrated by Sy Barry, The Hostages (Part 2) and The Hanta Witch (Part 1).