Mika Mis

Mika Mis (which translates to Mickey Mouse) was published in Yugoslavia by Aleksandar J. Ivkovic from the 21st of March 1936 until the 4th of April 1941. Over this time, 504 editions were published. Mika Mis was published on a weekly basis up to issue number 23, then twice a week from issue 24.

Number 1

The actual last issue, number 505, was published on the 8th of October, 1941, however as Serbia was occupied by the Nazi’s at the time, the continuation of the series, was disallowed.

Number 505

Various Disney and King Features Syndicate comic book characters were published in Mika Mis, including the Phantom. We first see the Phantom on the cover of issue number 68, printed on the 2nd of February, 1937. The Phantom would appear on the cover of 24 out of the 505 issues printed, with 12 Phantom stories printed over the 5 years.

Although the covers contained color, the internal pages were printed in black and white and were printed on similar paper to newspapers. They measure 21.3cm x 29cm in size and the page count changed over the years. Issues 1 to 13 contain 8 pages, issues 14 to 60 contain 12 pages, issues 61 to 62 contain 20 pages, issues 63 to 365 contain 16 pages and issues 366 to 505 contain 24 pages.

The first 50 editions were repainted in a 3 book hardcover collection by Dečje Novine in 1991.