Marvel Comics published 3 mini-series of Phantom comics, a total of 11 comics, all in full color with gloss pages.

Defenders of the Earth was printed first, released in 1987 based on the TV series with the same name, under their Star Comics imprint, running for 4 editions.

Then came a 3 part mini-series, released in 1994-95.

Lastly, Phantom 2040 was released in 1995, based on the TV series bearing the same name, running for 4 editions, containing a bonus Phantom 2040 poster in the center-fold.

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Released in the UK in 1988, a year following it’s USA release, is a 2 edition Defenders of the Earth set.

Additionally, in 1989, Marvel released a Defenders of the Earth hard cover book in the UK, running for 64 pages in full color.