Macc Division Historietas

Macc Division Historietas (which translates to ‘Macc Division Comics’) was published by Organizacion Editorial De Publicaciones E Impresiones S.A. (or abbreviated to OEPISA) in Toluca, Mexico in 1975.

A variety of characters were featured in separate series under the ‘Macc Division Historietas’ heading, including Felix the Cat, Spider Man, Puño de Acero, Popeye, Captain America, Henry, Dracula, Ms. Marvel, Fantastic 4 and many more.

The Phantom was featured under the title of El Fantasma. The series contains 7 editions, with cover art used from Charlton comic books which were published in the USA in the 1970s. All editions are published in color, containing 26 pages measuring 16cm x 25.5cm. All 7 editions can be seen below.

The first edition was published on the 15th of May, 1975. The final edition, number 7, was published on the 21st of September, 1975. The publication number and date are both found in the top margin on the front cover of each comic.

A sample of internal pages can be seen below.

On the back cover of Puño de Acero edition number 39, we see an advertisement for the El Fantasma comic book series, with edition number 1 featured. Interestingly, this edition of Puño de Acero was released on the 12th of August 1975, several months after the comic featured in the advertisement was released.