L&PM Editores

Fantasma is the title of a series published by L&PM Editores in Brazil, between August 1986 thru till August 1989. 3 album style comic books are found in the series, published in landscape format.

L&PM Editores was founded by Paulo de Almeida Lima and Ivan Pinheiro Machado in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil in 1974. The publishing house was initially named ‘Lima e Pinheiro Machado’, later shortened to L&PM Editores. The first book to be released was ‘Rango I’.

In the 1990s, a combination of a local recession and international competitors placed the company in financial troubles. L&PM Editors was placed on the market for sale, however a buyer wasn’t found.

In 1997, a decision was made to commence publishing paperback books in a variety of subjects, resulting in the publishing house releasing on average of 100 titles per year, a move which saved the company from closing.

L&PM Editores is still operating to this day as an extremally successfully publishing house.

The 3 Fantasma albums released by L&PM Editores measure 28cm x 21cm and are published in black and white, with color only found on the cover. The first edition contains 78 pages, with the last 2 editions containing 52 pages.

The 3 editions contain a single Phantom story, reprints of 3 newspaper daily comic strips written by Lee Falk and illustrated by Ray Moore. In order, the 3 albums contain the stories, The Singh Brotherhood, The Sky Band and The Diamond Hunters.

All 3 L&PM Editores Fantasma album covers can be seen below.

A sample internal page of edition number 1 can be seen below, the commencement of The Singh Brotherhood story.