L’Homme Masque

L’Homme Masque Fantome Du Bengale is a series of comics published by Les Editions Greantori in Paris, France from November 1983 until June 1984.

8 editions of L’Homme Masque (translating to ‘The Masked Man’) were published, 6 regular comics plus 2 albums. All editions contain black and white pages within with a gloss color cover, and are smaller then a regular sized comic book, only measuring 9 cm x 12 cm.

The regular editions were released bimonthly, with numbers 1, 5 and 6 containing 4 Phantom stories and numbers 2, 3 and 4 containing only 3 Phantom stories. These regular comics contain approximately 100 pages each. The back covers are void of any images.

The 2 albums released are made up of unsold comics from the regular series, which have had their covers removed and re-released with a new cover. Issue number 1 contains 7 Phantom stories, whist issue number 2 only contains 6 stories. These albums contain almost 200 pages each.