Published by Casa Editrice G. Nerbini (founded in 1897 by Giuseppe Nerbini) in Florence, Italy on the 15th of May 1937, this comic series was titled L’Avventuroso, and is one of the first comic books released to solely feature the Phantom.

The series ran for 12 editions, in full color and contains approximately 40 pages. The comics are in landscape format measuring 31.5cm x 22.6cm.

Translating to ‘The Masked Man’, L’ Uomo Mascherato is the prominent heading on issue 1 with a cover price of 2 lire, with The Singh Brotherhood story published.

Number 1

Number 2

The front covers of all 12 editions can be seen below.


In issue 101 of L’Avventuroso (translated to ‘The Adventurous’), dated 13th of September 1936, Mario Nerbini triumphantly announces to readers of purchasing the rights to publish the Phantom in Italy, made only a few months after the release of the Phantom comic strip in the United States.

As can be seen below, on the back cover, ‘L’Uomo Mascherato’ makes his first appearance in Italy in full color.

Issue #101

Issue #102

Issue #103