La Repubblica

Mandrake & L’Uomo Mascherato is a comic book which was published by La Repubblica in Italy in 2003. The comic book contains comic strip stories of both Mandrake the Magician and the Phantom, with 5 supporting editorial articles also published.

The soft cover comic book contains 238 pages in a mix of color and black and white, measuring 15cm x 21cm. Text within is published in Italian. This book is number 15 of a series of 16 comic books, with other comic strip characters published in the series, including Superman, Hulk, Spider Man, Diabolik, Batman and many more.

The 2 Phantom comic strip stories published are ‘The Prisoner of the Himalayas’ and ‘The Shark’s Nest’, both written by Lee Falk and illustrated by Ray Moore. The front and back covers of Mandrake & L’Uomo Mascherato can be seen below.

The comic books ‘Table of Contents’ page can be see below, with the 5 supporting editorial articles found at the front, then the Mandrake the Magician comic strip, followed lastly by the 2 Phantom comic strips.

A sample of internal pages can be seen below.