Kong Kylie

Kong Kylie is a comic magazine series published by Carl Allers Etablissement A/S in Copenhagen, Denmark from December 1948 thru till September 1955. 353 editions were published on a weekly basis, containing a mix of comic book characters per edition, including Hopalong Cassidy, Little Annie Rooney, The Little King, Tintin, Archibald and Dick Tracey.

Aller Press A/S was established by Carl Aller and his wife Laura Aller in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1873 as a publishing house. In the 1890s, Aller Press branched out to neighboring Nordic counties, Sweden and Norway, then to Finland in 1992.

It mainly published weekly lifestyle magazines, which also reported on celebrities and the royal family. Up to 34 magazine titles are published per month, with the standout being ‘Allers’, a woman’s lifestyle magazine.

Allers magazine started off under the title of ‘Illustreret Familie-Journal’ in Denmark in 1877. Although the title of the magazine changed over the years, to ‘Allers Family Journal’ then simply ‘Allers’, it was groundbreaking at the time as it introduced crosswords and comic strips into the magazine. Allers magazine is still in circulation in Norway, the longest running magazine published in the region.

In 2009, Aller Press A/S changed it’s name to Aller Media A/S, however it published under a variety of names since it was established in 1873, including Carl Allers Etablissement, Aller Press and Allers Forlag.

Aller Media A/S is still active to this day in the Nordic region of Europe, not only releasing new publications into new genres, but also buy other publishing houses and magazine titles.

Kong Kylie also featured the Phantom, appearing in all editions across 2 pages, with Sunday comic strip stories published in full color under the Phantoms Danish title of Fantomet.

The size of the comic magazines in the series changed over time, from edition number 1 in 1948 measuring 26cm x 35cm through to the final edition in 1955 measuring 18.5cm x 25.5cm. The edition number of each comic magazine was reset each year, with an edition number 1 commencing in December of the upcoming year. All text found in Kong Kylie is in Danish.

The Phantom is found on the cover of 2 out of the 353 editions published, both measuring 18.5cm x 25.5cm. Edition number 22 was published in 1952 (seen below on the left) and edition number 3 was published in 1953 (seen below on the right).

A sample of internal pages can be seen below.