King Comics

King Comics is the title of a comic book series published by David McKay presenting an anthology style series featuring reprints of King Features Syndicate comic strips. The series was published in USA from April 1936 through until February 1952, containing 159 editions. The first edition can be seen below.

The series featured several comic book characters, not only the Phantom, with each edition containing a mix of comic strips, a few pages dedicated to each character. The characters found in the series are those licensed to King Features Syndicate, including Popeye, Mandrake the Magician, Little Annie Rooney, Henry, Tim Tyler’s Luck, Flash Gordon, The G-Man and Brick Bradford, just to name a few.

Each edition is printed in full color, measuring 26cm x 17.5cm. The comic books initially contained 64 pages, however reduced in page length to finally 36 pages.

The last 4 editions in the series (comic book numbers 156 through to 159) weren’t published by David McKay, but by Standard Comics.

Standard Comics was established in 1936 and ended in 1956. It was based in New York City, USA and was owned by Pines Publishing. Standard Comics core business was publishing comic books, sometimes under their imprint names of Better Publications, Nedor Publishing or Pines Comics.

The Phantom appeared on 3 comic book covers, comic book numbers 156, 157 and 158, all published by Standard Comics between March 1950 and September 1950, containing 36 full color pages. The Standard Comics logo is visible in the top left corner of each edition.

The final edition published in February 1952, number 159, can be seen below.