Jeep Comics

Jeep Comics were printed in the USA by Chicago based R.B. Leffingwell & Co. from the 10th of June 1945 until the 23rd June 1946. They were a giveaway comic to the armed service personnel of USA and were distributed by the Special Services Division, A.S.F., United States Army. This series wasn’t sold to the general public.

On the cover of each issue can be found a Flash Gordon comic strip with the title ‘Jeep Comics’ as the header and the issue number to the right. Also clearly visible is ‘Not For Sale’ wording.

A total of 55 editions were printed on a weekly basis in full color with the Phantom occupying 1 page per edition. Each edition contained approximately 15 pages. Other comic characters found in the comic books include Flash Gordon, Blondie, Tarzan, Red Ryder, Jungle Jim, The Katzenjammer Kids and many more.

A small sample of the 55 covers can be seen below.