The Phantom was published by INCOS in Germany from 1996 thru till 1997. The album style hardcover comic book series contains 4 editions in total, with 2 editions published in 1996 and 2 editions published in 1997. The series contains daily comic strip stories written by Lee Falk and illustrated by Wilson McCoy.

The publisher INCOS, is a comic themed club based in Berlin, Germany which was established in 1970, with the groups name ‘INCOS’ being the acronym for ‘Interessengemeinschaft Comic Strip’ which translates to ‘Community Comic Strip’.

The club initially published newsletters and fanzines which were sent to it’s members, with events held to bring members together.

INCOS published classic comic book characters, generally releasing reprints of newspaper comic strips in album style books in limited editions. Comic book characters featured include Alan Frank, Superman, Tibor and Jörg. These comic books were made available only to members to purchase and not sold in retail outlets.

Published with color hardcovers, the comic books contain between 96 to 138 black and white pages, measuring 21.2cm x 30.3cm. Text has been translated from English to German. All 4 comic books in the series can be seen below.