Il Giornale Del L’Uomo Mascherato

Il Giornale Del L’Uomo Mascherato (which translates to ‘The Newspaper of the Masked Man’) is a newspaper style publication released by Casa Editrice Nerbini in Florence, Italy. 73 editions were published between the 28th of March 1948, through until the 14th of August, 1949.

Various comic book characters featured in each issue alongside the Phantom, including Rip Kirby, Captain Easy, Prince Valiant, The Lone Ranger, Steve Canyon and Doctor Woobes.

The series was published in both color and black and white, and varied in format style, page length and measurement as the 73 edition series was published:

  • Number 1-4: Portrait style, 8 pages, 31.5cm x 47.5cm
  • Number 5-16: Portrait style, 6 pages, 31.5cm x 42cm
  • Number 17-32: Horizontal style, 12 pages, 32cm x 24cm
  • Number 33-48: Portrait style, 8 pages, 25cm x 35cm
  • Number 49-73: Horizontal style, 8 pages, 25cm x 18cm

Below we see the first 5 editions and a sample of their internal pages:-

A first horizontal style edition published in this series is number 17, we can see this edition below.

A title name change occurs from edition number 58, from ‘Il Giornale Del L’Uomo Mascherato’ to ‘L’Uomo Mascherato Giornale’. An example can be seen below with edition number 60.

More front covers from this series can be viewed below.

Comic strips found in Il Giornale Del L’Uomo Mascherato would later be released in 2 separate book series.

The first series contains 5 books with strips collected from numbers 17 to 32, running for 24 pages and measure 31.7cm x 21.5cm.

The second series contains 2 books. Book number 1 contains strips from numbers 17 to 22, running for 28 pages and measures 31.7cm x 21.5cm. Book number 2 contains strips from numbers 23 to 25 and numbers 28 to 32, running for 34 pages and also measures 31.7cm x 21.5cm. We see book number 2 below.

Editions number 1 through to 32 were reprinted in 1974 to 1977 by the same publisher as the original series, Casa Editrice Nerbini.