Hiquafi-Editora, Lda

Fantasma comics were published by Hiquafi-Editora, Lda in Amadora, Lisbon, Portugal from 1979 thru till 1982. 4 separate series were released over this short period.

The Phantom appears in all editions, both on the front cover and within the comic books, however some editions also contain other comic book characters, such as Hagar the Horrible, Mr. Abernathy, Blondie and Flash Gordon, taking up only a few pages towards the rear of the comic book.

Series 1

Only 1 edition was released in this series, published in 1979, containing 32 sepia colored pages, measuring 13.5cm x 19.8cm. Although an edition number is found on the front cover, the comic is the only edition in this series. The front and back cover can be seen below.

Series 2

12 editions were released in this series, all published in 1979, with the first 2 editions containing 48 pages, then increased to 64 pages for the remainder of the series, all with black and white internal pages, measuring 13.5cm x 19.5cm. The first 2 comics in the series note the commencement of a new series by Hiquafi-Editora, Lda. The front covers of all 12 comics in the series can be seen below.


Unsold comic editions from Series 2 were sold in an album format from 1980 thru till 1982, with 3 editions glued together with a unique cover attached across 4 editions. These editions contain 192 black and white pages, measuring 13.5cm x 18.5cm. Edition number 4 contains 2 Phantom comics and 1 Mandrake the Magician comic. The front covers of all 4 albums can be seen below.

Special Edition

An unnumbered Special Edition comic was published in 1979, containing both the Phantom and Flash Gordon comic strips. The comic book contains 64 black and white pages, measuring 13.5cm x 20cm. No edition number is published on the front cover, the only comic found in this series. The front cover can be seen below.