Hiperalmanaque Do Fantasma

Hiperalmanaque do Fantasma are published by RGE in Brazil, between November 1981 thru till November 1982. Only 3 editions were published in the special release series.

RGE (Rio Gráfica E Editora) located in Rio de Janeiro Brazil, a Subsidiary of ‘Grupo Globo’ was founded by Roberto Marinho in 1952 which ceased operations in 1986. For over 35 years, RGE published a multitude of comic books, magazines and collectible pop culture related collectibles.

Hiperalmanaque do Fantasma comic books are published in full color, containing 196 pages and measure 13.5cm x 19cm. Each of the 3 editions were themed, with the Phantom stories published within each individual comic containing a common thread, with the theme printed on the cover of each edition.

Edition number 1 carries the heading ‘Hiperalmanaque Fantasma’, however ‘Almanaque’ was dropped on the last 2 editions, simply titled ‘Hyper Fantasma’.


Titled, ‘As Melhores Histórias Com Mulheres Perigosas’, translating to ‘The Best Stories With Dangerous Women’.


Titled, ‘As Melhores Histórias Com Animais Da Selva’, translating to ‘The Best Stories With Jungle Animals’.


Titled, ‘As Melhores Histórias Com Diana’, translating to ‘The Best Stories With Diana’.