Héroes del Cómic Contest

Héroes del Cómic, El Hombre Enmascarado is the title of a comic book series published by Buru Lan S.A De Ediciones in San Sebastián, Spain in 1971. The series contains 96 comic books, with the last edition published in 1973.

On the outside back covers of the first 12 editions, Buru Lan S.A De Ediciones advertise a contest, with the opportunity to win the original art work published on the cover of edition number 1, featuring the Phantom with a skull behind him. The art work is an oil painting produced by Spanish artist, Enrique Torres.

Below we see Héroes del Cómic edition number 1, with the contest advertised in the lower potion of the back cover, with a pink background.

To enter the contest, the reader was required to collect 12 unique coupons located on the corner of the back covers of the first 12 Héroes del Cómic editions, and mail them into Buru Lan S.A De Ediciones at their San Sebastián address. Each coupon number changed, with the coupon number reflecting the Héroes del Cómic edition number.

All entries were required to be received by Buru Lan S.A De Ediciones before the 16th of May, 1971. The contest advertisement tells us that a ‘Notary’ would be present at the drawing of the winner.

The winner would receive the original oil painting in a ‘luxurious’ frame, and personally dedicated to the winner by the artist, Enrique Torres. Buru Lan S.A De Ediciones give us an indication of what the contest winner would receive.