Hermes Press

Hermes Press is a publisher based in Pennsylvania, USA which was founded in 2000 by Daniel Herman. Hermes Press are best known for their archival reprints of classic comic book and strip series and art books.

Besides other series of Phantom comic books and trade paper backs, Hermes Press published a mini-series running for 6 editions, commencing in November 2014 and ending in April 2016. Each 36 page edition was printed in full color, with a trade paperback released in September 2016 encompassing the full story (titled ‘Danger In The Forbidden City’).

Hermes Press also produced a multitude of variant comic covers for each of the 6 editions, some can be seen below.

In July 2015, a special edition was published by Hermes press for the San Diego Comic Con.

A variant to edition #1, a blank sketch cover comic was published in November 2014.

The trade paper back published in September 2016 came with an option of 2 different covers.