Gran Bonete

Gran Bonete is the title of a comic book series published by Editorial Manuel Láinez in Buenos Aires, Argentina from September 1954 through until 1957, with 31 editions published. Measuring 23cm x 19.5cm, each edition contains approximately 64 page, with some editions containing up to 100 pages. Published in landscape format, color is found on the outside covers, with internal pages published in black and white in Spanish text.

Manuel Láinez Cané (1852-1924) was a journalist and politician who founded his own publishing house named ‘Editorial Manuel Láinez’, which would later be renamed to ‘Editorial EDMAL’. They released their first newspaper in 1881 titled ‘El Diario’, then in 1909 they released their first magazine titled ‘Tit-Bits’. Norberto Láinez de la Riestra, son of Manuel Láinez Cané, took over the publishing house in 1924 following his father death.

Each Gran Bonete edition contains a mix of comic book characters within the one comic. Featured characters include Brick Bradford, Mandrake the Magician, Flash Gordon, Secret Agent X-9, Henry, Felix The Cat, and Big Ben Bolt. Each edition contains a full story of the respective comic book character published within the edition.

The Phantom was also featured in the series, appearing on the covers of 6 editions and comic strips published within 14 editions.

The 6 covers featuring the Phantom can be seen below, on number 1, 9, 14, 18, 30 and 36.