Gibi was published by O Globo in Brazil from 1939 thru till 1950. 1842 editions were released containing a mix of comic book characters, including Mandrake the Magician, Superman, Flash Gordon, Prince Valiant and more. The Phantom was also featured.

O Globo was established on the 29th of July 1925 as a newspaper published by Irineu Marinho in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It’s parent company is Grupo Globo, also established by Irineu, a month earlier on the 25th of June 1925. Irineu died a few weeks after O Globo was established, with the company passing on to his son, Roberto Marinho.

Roberto successfully grew Grupo Globo into a multi-media company which included O Globo, TV Globo, Rádio Globo, Editora Globo and other subsidiaries. O Globo is still in existence to this day.

The Phantom was first published within Gibi edition number 33, released on the 2nd of August 1939, in a newspaper format. The mix of color and black and white 32 page edition measures 21cm x 28cm. It contains the Lee Falk and Ray Moore classic, ‘The League of Lost Men’. Each edition didn’t contain a full Phantom story, but broken down into several editions.

A small sample of covers can be seen below.

An internal page sample can be seen below from edition number 684.

On the 1st of June 1950, commencing from edition number 1740, Gibi received a name change, now named Novo Gibi.

The Phantom doesn’t appear in any editions under the title of Novo Gibi.

Commencing from edition number 1798, published on the 23rd of August 1952, Rio Gráfica e Editora (RGE) took over publishing of Novo Gibi, releasing a further 45 editions until the series completion in December 1954 with edition number 1842.

The Phantom wasn’t published by RGE under the title of Novo Gibi.