Gibi de Ouro

Gibi de Ouro (which translates to Golden Comic Book) was published by RGE (Rio Grafica Editora) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in 1985. The Gibi de Ouro comic book series contains 6 editions featuring a variety of King Features Syndicate comic book characters, with a character featured in each edition. The comic book characters found in the series are Buffalo Bill, Mandrake the Magician, Lil’ Abner, Nick Holmes, and Black Rider.

Gibi de Ouro edition number 1 features the Phantom. It contains 68 black and white pages measuring 18cm x 30cm. The Phantom comic strip story published is ‘The Toad Men’, a Lee Falk and Wilson McCoy classic initially published in US newspapers in the 1950s.

The front and back cover of Gibi de Ouro edition number 1 can be seen below.

Gibi de Ouro is a reprint of a classic Fantasma Magazine comic book (edition number 2), published by RGE in 1953. As can be seen below, the 1985 release simply contains a new cover, with page 2 containing the replica comic cover, with the proceeding pages containing the comic strip as initially published in 1953.

On page 34, we find an informative article titled ‘Fantasma’ written by Otacílio D’Assumpção. The one page article gives us information on the Phantom and the story featured, ‘The Toad Men’. It also talks about the history of RGE’s Fantasma Magazine comic book series from 1953.

The other 5 editions found in the series can be seen below.

Some editions of Gibi de Ouro were sold with a wrap-around promotional cover, promoting the series and the various comic book characters found within each edition. This wrap-around cover was stapled along the spine of the comic book, basically adding a new cover over the existing cover.

The front and back of the wrap-around promotional cover can be seen below,

On the inside of the wrap-around promotional cover, when removed from the comic book, we see a profile image plus a small biography of all 6 comic book characters published in the series.