Feature Books

Feature Books were published in USA by the David McKay Publications company from 1937 to 1948 with a total of 59 issues, with 6 issues featuring the Phantom. The first two editions featuring the Phantom were printed in black & white (#20 and #22), with the following four editions featuring the Phantom printed in color (#39, #53, #56, and #57).

Several other characters/stories that were part of the Feature Books series include “Blondie”, “Mandrake the Magician”, “Secret Agent X-9”, “The Katzenjammer Kids”,”Rip Kirby”, “Dick Tracy”, “Perry Mason”, and etc.

The first 25 comics of the series were published in a larger size format, then reduced in size for the remainder of the series to the commonly known comic book size we see today.

The comic pages found within edition #56 can be seen below.

In 1993, Pacific Comics Club reprinted #20 and #22, with the comic covers in a gloss finish, as opposed to the matt finish seen in the 1937 issues. The internal pages were also printed in black and white, with the Pacific Comics Club logo appearing on the outside back cover, not present on the original editions.