Fantomets Kroniker

Fantomets Kroniker is a comic books series published by Interpresse in Denmark from 1985 thru till 1988. 8 Phantom comic books were released in the series, 7 regular editions plus a special edition. We also find a Mandrake the Magician edition in the series, edition number 1.

Fantomets Kroniker comic books all contain 100 black and white pages measuring 17cm x 26cm, with Danish text printed. The first 2 editions to feature the Phantom contain an edition number of 2, one titled ‘Fantomet Solo’ and the proceeding edition titled ‘Fantomets Kroniker’. The title ‘Fantomets Kroniker’ is found on the remaining editions in the top left header.

The 8 regular Fantomets Kroniker comic books can be seen below, plus the first edition which features Mandrake the Magician.

The special edition titled ‘Fantomet Special’ number 1 can be seen below containing 100 black and white pages measuring 17cm x 26cm released in 1988. This edition is the only special edition to be released by Interpresse in this series.