Fantomen Comics ’85

Fantomen Comics ’85 was published by Semic Press in Sweden in 1985. The comic was produced for the Helsingborg Comic Book Festival, which was held from the 21st of May through till the 23rd of May, 1985. As noted on the top left of the front cover, ‘Gratisexemplar’, the comic was a ‘Free Copy’ give-away item which was issued at the Comic Book Festival.

Comics ’85 was the first Comic Book Festival held in Sweden in collaboration with the Swedish Marketing Association. It was by organized by Sture Hegerfors, who was/is the President of the Swedish Series Academy (which was formed to highlight/promote the positives of the comic industry in Sweden).

Comics ’85 was attended by various large international guests within the comic book industry, with Lee Falk also in attendance.

The town of Helsingborg would host the Comic Book Festival only in 1985, with the Festival moved to Gothenburg in Sweden to coincide with the Book & Library Fair through till 2002.

The front cover contains an image of the Phantom, whilst the back cover contains an image of Mandrake the Magician, both illustrated by Hans Lindahl.

Fantomen Comics ’85 contains 36 black and white pages, with color only found on the outside covers, measuring 17cm x 26cm with text throughout the comic printed in Swedish. We see text in the lower part of the back cover notify us that 10,000 copies of the comic were produced.

On the back cover, we see Mandrake the Magician say, ‘SE MIG L OGONEN!… SEN MOTS VI L FANTOMEN SVERGES STORSTA AVENTYRSIDNING!’, which translates to ‘Look me in the eye! Then we meet the Phantom, Sweden’s biggest adventure magazine’.

We find the Swedish story, ‘The Temple Treasure’ by Ulf Granberg and Kari Leppänen published within Fantomen Comics ’85, with the cover art and story also appearing in Fantomen comic book number 9 in 1985 (alongside 2 other Phantom stories), which was published a month prior to the Helsingborg Comic Book Festival version.

A Fantomen Comics ’85 sample page can be seen below.