Fantomen 3D Comic Supplement

The Fantomen 3D Comic Supplement was published by Semic Press in Sweden in 1989.

We first see an advertisement for the 3D Comic Supplement advertised on the outside back cover of Fantomen comic book number 15, 1989. The Phantom and Diana are seen wearing 3D glasses, with a release date of the supplement also noted as the 7th of August.

Fantomen comic book number 16, 1989 was released within clear plastic packaging, with a pair of 3D glasses provided by Semic Press. The front cover of the comic is illustrated by Jaime Vallvé and contains the Phantom story ‘The Demon in the Tower’ written by Michael Tierres and illustrated by Jaime Vallvé.

Below we see the 3D glasses provided, custom made with Fantomen printed on the side.

The Fantomen 3D Comic Supplement is attached within the above edition, in the centerfold of the comic. The title of the 3D comic is ‘Guldormen’, containing the story ‘The Secret of the Golden Snake’, written by Idi Kharelli and Ed Redno, illustrated by Kari Leppänen. Below we see the 3D Comic Supplement within Fantomen comic book number 16, 1989.

A sample of the pages found within the 3D Comic Supplement can be seen below.