Fantom is the title of a comic book series published by Semic Interprint in Hungary from 1988 thru till 1992.

Semic Interprint was the Phantom license holder in Hungary at the time, the same Phantom license holder as Sweden’s Fantomen. Semic Interprint worked with local publisher Kandi Lapok, an established comic book publisher in Hungary, who also published other comic book characters such as Batman, Spider Man, Superman, X-Men and many more.

24 comic books were published in the series, containing 36 pages in each editions, measuring 17cm x 26cm. The first 19 editions are published in black and white, with the last 5 editions in the series published in full color.

Cover art and stories found in Fantom comic books are the same as those found in Fantomen comic books, due to the license holder, Semic.

A Fantom Album was published in 1989 containing 48 full color pages. On the outside back cover of Fantom number 3, we see an advertisement for the album.

The Fantom album, which is the 1984 Fantomen Christmas album translated into Hungarian can be seen below. It contains 2 stories, by Lee Falk and Sy Barry, Treasure of the Skull Cave and The Great Web of Spidera.