Fantasma Magazine

Fantasma Magazine is a series published by RGE (Rio Grafica Editora) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil between March 1953 and October 1986. A total of 371 comic books were published over this 33 year period.

The comics were released bimonthly between editions number 1 until number 46, then to a monthly publication in November 1960, commencing with edition number 47.

The size of the comics varied as the series was released, with editions number 1 until number 233 measuring 18cm x 27cm, then 13.5cm x 20.5cm from edition number 234 until number 371.

Internal pages were published in black and white up to edition number 98. We see color for the first time in edition number 99. Colored internal pages would remain for the remainder of the series.

Page length for each comic book varied, however most editions contain 68 pages.

See below editions number 1, 2 and 3.

The series came to an end in October 1986 after 371 editions. The final edition can be seen below.