Êxitos da TV

Êxitos da TV (which translates to TV Hits) comic books are published by Portugal Press in Lisbon, Portugal in April, 1979. The series contains 12 editions, featuring comic book characters such as Mandrake the Magician, Brick Bradford, Johnny Hazard, Bugs Bunny, Judge Dredd, Dennis the Menace, Flash Gordon, Secret Agent X9 and many more.

The Phantom appears on the cover and within edition number 7 only. The comic contains black and white pages, measuring 18.5cm x 26.5cm, with the Phantom found on 10 of the 36 pages within the comic. The front and back cover can be seen below.

The distributor of Êxitos da TV was initially Agencia Portuguesa de Revistas, however it changed to VASP. As a result, the lower back cover of the comic books contain a silver sticker placed over the previous distributor, as can be seen above.

The Phantom comic strip story featured is ‘The Three Bandits’, a Lee Falk classic illustrated by Sy Barry. A sample of internal pages can be seen below.

Unsold comic editions were sold in an album format in 1979, with all 12 editions glued together with the same cover as seen on edition number 12 used. This edition contains 432 black and white pages, measuring 19cm x 27cm. The front cover of the album can be seen below.