Editorial Lord Cochrane SA

El Fantasma was published by Editorial Lord Cochrane S.A. in Santiago, Chile from 1966 thru till 1968. 24 comic book editions were published in the series, containing cover art and comic strip stories as found in the first 24 editions of the Gold Key and King Comics series published in USA from 1962 thru till 1967.

The El Fantasma comic books were distributed and sold in a variety of countries, not only in Chile. Noted on the front covers of the comic books, a list of counties and prices are shown, which include Argentina, Mexico, Venezuela and Estados Unidos (United States).

The comic book series is published in full color, with each edition containing 36 pages and measuring 25cm x 17cm. Text found within the comic books are in Spanish.

All 24 editions can be seen below.

Editorial Lord Cochrane S.A. published other comic book titles from USA around the same period as the El Fantasma series, including Mandrake the Magician, Felix the Cat, Popeye and Flash Gordon.