Ediciones B

El Hombre Enmascarado (which translated to ‘The Masked Man’) was published by Ediciones B, S.A. in Barcelona, Spain from 1988 until 1992. A total for 74 editions were published over this time, plus 12 Albums. Ediciones B, S.A. would later be sold to Penguin Random House in April, 2017.

The first 32 editions were printed in Portrait format, measuring 30cm x 21cm in full color. Each comic contained approximately 36 pages. The first 13 editions can be seen below.

In 1990 the format changed to Landscape, from edition number 33 through to number 74, measuring 21cm x 30cm. Each comic continued to contain 36 pages in full color. The change in format was due to the series commencing with printing Ray Moore daily strips, which conformed better with a Landscape format then a Portrait format. The first few pages of edition number 33 can be seen below, carrying the first Phantom story ‘The Singh Brotherhood’.

Editions 34 to 45 can be seen below.

The last 3 editions, numbers 72 to 74, published in 1992 can be seen below.

Unsold copies of the above comic books would later be bound into 12 hardcover Albums containing approximately 220 pages and rereleased in 1992. They are title ‘Tomo’ followed by a Roman Numeral for the edition number. They also show the year the daily Phantom comic strip was published by King Features Syndicate.

These hardcover Albums were released with a dust jacket, with a generic green and gold design. Alternating cover art is only seen on the front duct jacket.