Djungelsnö (translating to The Jungle Snow) is a softcover Fantomen comic published by Semic Press in Sweden on the 1st of January, 1992. Djungelsnö contains 48 pages, published in full color and measures 21cm x 28cm.

Djungelsnö was published in collaboration with Kemikontoret, the Swedish Chemical Society, which was established on the 14th of June, 1917 and is currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. The Society is a non-profit association for Sweden’s university-educated chemists, chemical engineers and related chemistry focused professional groups.

Djungelsnö was a community service publication, issued free of charge to schools in Sweden, marking Kemikontoret’s 75th Anniversary. The comic aimed to educate school aged students on topics such as chemicals (both safe and hazardous) and illicit drugs made of chemicals.

On the front cover, we see the title of the Phantom story written by Michael Tierres and illustrated by Romano Felmang, ‘Djungelsnö’ (translating to The Jungle Snow). The wording ‘Fantomen Tar Hjälp Av Kemin’ (translating to The Phantom Takes The Help Of Chemistry) is seen at the base of the cover. Cover art is by Hans Lindahl.

The Fantomen comic was issued to schools with a wrap around seal which contained the following text when translated to English:

This is the Chemicals Office’s anniversary publication in 1992. No Expensive dust collection shelf warmer, but an exciting message to young recipients:

Chemistry is neither good nor evil, it is what we make of it

Any portrait similarities with famous Swedes are completely intentional.

The seal can be seen below, with gold and blue text, still attached to the Fantomen comic.

A sample of internal pages can be seen below.

The Fantomen story Djungelsnö would later go on to be published in the regular series of Fantomen comics in Sweden in 1993, in edition number 13. The Hans Lindahl cover art was also used on this edition as found in the Kemikontoret 75th anniversary special edition above.