Denis is a comic magazine series published by Politika in Belgrade, Serbia (former Yugoslavia) between 1976 and 1981. A total of 262 comic magazines were published, with Phantom comic strips appearing in 97 of these editions and the Phantom appearing 19 times on the cover.

The series is titled after the comic character ‘Dennis the Menaces’, with each edition containing a mix of comics strips and not solely dedicated to the Phantom. Other comic strips commonly found in Denis include Dennis the Menace, Lucky Luck, Skull the Slayer, Dredger, Simon Test, The Steel Claw and more.

The series was published in a mix of black and white and also color pages, generally containing 68 pages and measure approximately 21cm x 28cm.

In Denis number 70, the publisher announces that the Phantom is due to be published in the following edition. We see the advertisement shown on page 67.

Edition number 71, published on the 21st of September, 1977 is the first time the Phantom makes an appearance on both the front cover and on the pages within. The Lee Falk story ‘The Killer’ is featured. The cover and the Phantom comic strip within this edition can be seen below.

The Denis comic magazine covers featuring the Phantom can be seen below.