Comix Internacional

The Phantom makes an appearance in Comix Internacional edition number 27, published by Toutain Editor in Barcelona, Spain in February 1983.

The comic contains a color cover with 82 black and white pages. The front and back cover can be seen below.

A 1 page comic strip is found within this edition, written and illustrated by Carlos Pacheco. The Phantom is seen in one of the panels, alongside other comic book characters, including Batman, Captain America, Prince Valiant and Wonder Woman.

Carlos Pacheco Perujo was a Spanish comics penciller, breaking into the European market doing cover work for Planeta De Agostini. He then gained recognition doing work for Marvel Comics in England under their brand ‘Marvel UK’, working on Spider-Man magazine Dark Guard.

He then began doing work for Marvel and DC in the US, where he was one of the first Spanish-born artists to make a major impact in that country, attaining popularity for his work on Avengers Forever, JLA/JSA: Virtue and Vice, X-Men: Legacy, Fantastic Four, Green Lantern, and Captain America.

He also contributed to some high-profile storylines published by Marvel and DC, including ‘Final Crisis’ at DC released in 2009 and ‘Age of Ultron’ at Marvel released in 2013.