Club Anni Trenta

The Phantom is a series of comics that were printed by Club Anni Trenta (which translates to ‘Club of the Thirties’) in Genova, Italy in 1972.

The comics were printed in a large format, measuring 25.7cm x 34.5cm, with color on the covers and black and white internal pages.

The following 2 editions run for 20 pages and are translated to Italian.

The following 3 editions vary in page length, from 20 pages (December edition), to 32 pages (February edition), then 52 pages (March edition). All 3 editions are printed in Italian and are also printed in a large format as the 2 above. These editions have the date of publication printed on the covers with a gloss finish for the covers of the February and March editions.

Also printed by Club Anni Trenta is ‘Zigomar Conto Il Fantasma’ which translates to ‘Zigomar Against The Phantom’. 2 editions were printed in the 1970’s.

These comics contain 16 pages in black and white, with color on the cover. They are printed in Italian and measure 24.4cm x 34.2cm. The back cover is the same on both editions.

In 1977, the Pacific Comics Club Publications reprinted 3 of the above editions in USA. The reprints are extremely similar to the originals in size and look. Subtle differences can be seen on the front and back covers.

All 3 editions are printed in English with only the cover printed in color. See following the 3 editions released by the Pacific Comics Club Publications.

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