Çizgi Roman Arşiv Dizisi

Çizgi Roman Arşiv Dizisi (which translates to ‘Comics Archive Series’) was published by Marsik Publishing in Istanbul, Turkey in 2009. The series contains 3 softcover books and features a different comic book character in each edition, with Detective Nik and Butler Desmond found in edition number 1, Mandrake the Magician in edition number 2 and the Phantom in edition number 3.

The Phantom edition contains the title ‘Kızılmaske’ as he’s known in Turkey, published on 273 black and white pages and measures 16.5cm x 23.3cm. We also see the ‘Rooster Candy Comic Books’ logo/label on the front and back cover.

The comic book starts with several pages introducing the Phantom, followed by 5 Phantom comic strip stories, The Dakk Pirates, The Albee, Terror at the Opera, The Ghost Wall and The Halloween Kidnappers.