Büyülü Çizgi Roman

Kizikmaske is a series published by Büyülü Çizgi Roman in Istanbul, Turkey from 2013 thru till 2017. 44 softcover comic books were released over the 4 year period.

The series contains mainly reprinted Phantom newspaper strip stories which had previously appeared in other Turkish publications, but with different story titles. Up to 7 Phantom stories are found in each edition.

Later in the series, unpublished stories also appeared, translated to Turkish text. All issues from this series have covers drawn by Ertugrul Edirne, previously unseen on other publications. Illustrations by Sy Barry can be found on the inside covers for all 44 issues.

The comic books are title ‘Kızılmaske’ as he’s known in Turkey, published on 304 black and white pages and measures 16cm x 19cm. We also see the ‘Büyülü Çizgi Roman’ logo on the front and back cover.

Below we see the front and back covers of edition numbers 1 and 2 published in 2013, with the Phantom seen in his red costume as he’s published in Turkey.

All 44 comics in the series can be seen below.

A sample of internal pages can be seen below.

Kizilmaske edition number 1 was republished in 2014, with the words ‘2. Baski’ found in the top right hand corner of the cover, translating to ‘2nd Edition’.