Buru Lan

El Hombre Enmascarado is the title of a comic book series published by Buru Lan, S.A. De Edicionnes in San Sebastian, Spain in 1983. The series contains 3 regular editions plus a special ‘Extra’ edition and is solely dedicated to the Phantom.

Buru Lan, S.A. De Edicionnes had initially planned to publish at least 16 editions, as can be seen on the list below on the back cover of the special edition, however only a total of 4 editions were released, with the 4 editions containing a quirky numbering system.

The 3 regular editions contain 48 full color pages, measuring 30cm x 23cm, with numbers 2 and 3 released in May 1983 and edition number 14 released in October 1983. The edition numbers printed on each comic book aren’t in any numbering sequence traditional seen in comic book series.

The special ‘Extra’ edition contains 64 full color pages, measuring 30cm x 23cm, numbered 1, released in November 1983. The ‘Extra’ printed on the cover refers to the additional pages found in this edition, an extra 16 pages to the regular 3 editions above.