Beta Pocket

Beta Pocket is the title of a comic book series published by Semic Press in Sweden in 1993. The album style series contains 3 softcover books, measuring 19cm x 21cm with black and white internal pages. Containing 64 pages per book, each edition is dedicated to 1 comic book character, the Phantom, Rip Kirby and Modesty Blaise.

The Beta Pocket comic book series was followed by Alfa Pocket published between 1993 and 1994, also by Semic Press, containing 7 editions, however the Phantom wasn’t featured.

The Beta Pocket book containing the Phantom publishes the 1983 Lee Falk and Sy Barry classic story, ‘Luck and Wealth’ which features the Necklace of Solomon.

The back covers of each edition contain a small biography on the creators of each comic book characters, Lee Falk (the Phantom), Alex Raymond (Rip Kirby) and Peter O’Donnell (Modesty Blaise).

The Beta Pocket series is advertised in Fantomen comics by Semic Press. Below we see an advertisement found on the back cover of Fantomen edition number 26, 1993.