Aventures et Mystère

Aventures et Mystère (which translates to ‘Adventures and Mystery’) is the first time the Phantom appears in France in comic book form, printed by Editions SAGE (stands for ‘Société Anonyme Générale d’Édition’), in 1938.

2 series were published (pre-war and post war) with the covers printed in color and internal pages in black and white. They were produced in landscape format, (sometimes refereed to as ‘the Italian format’), with other comic characters appearing in both series, such as Secret Agent X-9, Mandrake The Magician, Amok, Jungle Jim and more.

The first series ran from the 20th of February 1938 until the 7th of June 1940, with 18 out of the 24 comics published containing stories featuring the Phantom. Each comic typically contained 20 pages.

The second series ran from the 1st of January 1947 until the 1st of October 1952, with 14 out of the 150 comics published containing stories featuring the Phantom. Each comic typically contained 12 pages.

Internal Page


Predating the above comic book, ‘Aventures et Mystère’, we first see the Phantom being published in a weekly magazine titled ‘Aventures’ in France, also published by Editions SAGE.

The first series of Aventures were printed from the 14th of April 1936 until the 27th of September 1941, running for 265 editions (pre-war). Issue’s number 1 and 2 from 1936 can be seen below.

The second series of Aventures were printed from 1949 to 1950, running for 96 editions (post-war). Issue’s number 5 and 17 from 1950 can be seen below.

They contain a mix of comic strip characters over approximately 8 pages and the edition number resets with each year of print. The majority of editions are printed in color, however several were published in black and white, especially in 1939. Issue’s number 34 and 35 from 1949 can be seen below.

The Phantom (or Le Fantôme du Bengale) first makes an appearance in issue number 11 in 1937 in the Phantom story ‘The Sky Band’.

The front and back of issue number 24 from 1940 can be seen below, with the Phantom featured on the front cover.

These publications were later released in an album format, from approximately 1946 to 1949, with at lease 9 albums released. They contain already published Aventure issues, but in a bound album format. The Phantom featured on several of the covers. See below some of the albums released.

See below samples of album internal pages.