Alan Class

Alan Class Comics was a British comics publishing company between 1959 and 1989, owned by Alan Class (born in London, England, 21 July 1937). The company produced anthology titles, reprinting comics stories from many U.S. publishers of the 1940s to 1960s in a black and white digest format for a UK audience.

The comics are generally 68 page titles, containing a mix of stories reproduced in black and white with color covers, and selling for 1 shilling. Each issue measured 235mm × 185mm, slightly wider than the original American versions allowing for all of the original cover art to be seen which was cut in the originals.

During 30 years of publishing, Alan Class produced 26 b/w anthology reprint titles, some 1455 comics. Six of the titles – Astounding StoriesCreepy WorldsSecrets of the UnknownSinister TalesSuspense Stories and Uncanny Tales – lasted almost through the entire publishing history of the company.

Phantom stories appeared in various of the above titles, with only a few comic books featuring The Phantom on the cover. Material for these comics was sourced from Atlas, Marvel, ACG, Charlton, Archie and occasionally other American publishers, which also included the original cover art.

Reprints of reprints were very common within most sets, hence why you see a similar cover featuring the Phantom, however containing a different comic book number or price tag.

Creepy Worlds

Secrets Of The Unknown

Sinister Tales

Amazing Stories Of Suspense

Uncanny Tales

Alan Class