The Phantom Adventures

Released in December 1955 by Frew Publications in Australia, running for 3 issues, each containing approximately 28 pages. These softcover issues contained Phantom stories adapted from comic strips as opposed to Phantom comic strips that Frew were printing at the time. An issue was released per month.

The covers were printed in high gloss, very different to Frew’s Phantom comics that were being printed at the time, which contained a matt finish cover.

The first issue contains the story “Dragon God”, the second issue carries “The Maharajah’s Daughter”and the third and last issue runs the story “The Phantom Leaves His Mark”.

Due to a lack of interest at the time by the public, and the high cost of producing these issues (resulting in a higher cover price), this series only ran for 3 editions.

In 2019, Frew Publications reproduced this series in a bound hardcover book with a “Flocked” cover (the pink area of the cover has the feel of velvet on touch), which is part of their Legacy Series.