Veckans Serier Supplement

The Veckans Serier comic book supplement was published by Semic Press in Sweden in 1972. Released as a supplement with edition number 20, we find a landscape shaped comic book containing 52 pages, given away free of charge with the regular issue comic book.

The supplement was attached to page 1 of the Fantomen comic, clearly highlighted by Semic Press with printed boarders and an arrow.

Veckans Serier, which translates to ‘This Week’s Series’, measures 18cm x 13cm, published in black and white with a color cover, containing a comic strip story featuring ‘King at the Border Police’ by Jim Gary.

This edition is the only comic to be given away free-of-charge by the publisher with the Fantomen comic, with the remaining editions in the Veckans Serier series sold by Semic Press, a total of 49 editions published between 1972 thru to 1973 (including this giveaway edition). A variety of comic book characters are found in the series, including Buzz Cooper, Alfie in Africa, Mr “X”, Burma-Bill, Jak The Jungle Boy and many more.

On page 3 of the Veckans Serier supplement, we see the Phantom with a speech bubble, notifying us, ”For all old Phantom readers, King at the Boarder Police is an old place – he used to feature for many years in the series of the Phantom. I am as happy as you that he now appeared in this week’s series – a nice comic strip series”.

The back cover of this Fantomen edition, number 20, also doubles as a fold out poster of George Best (also known as Georgie Best), a highly skilled and successful Irish soccer player, playing for Manchester United from 1963 to 1974.