1001 Özel

1001 Özel (which translates to ‘1001 Special’) was published by Kemal Uzcan in Turkey from 1950 thru till 1958. Over 300 editions are found in the series, with a mix of comic book characters published in the series, including the Phantom, Mandrake the Magician, Tim Tyler’s Luck, The Lone Ranger, Tarzan, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse and Secret Agent X-9 plus locally created characters.

Kemal Uzcan was a ‘pirate’ publisher, publishing 1001 Özel on a weekly basis to cash in on the popularity of famous comic magazines, especially those appearing in USA. The series published comic strips which are traced from original comic books, with locally produced original comic covers.

1001 Özel comic books were published in black and white, with color found only on the cover, measuring 14cm x 20cm. Approximately 16 to 20 pages are found in each edition.

2 separate series were published under the 1001 Özel title. The Phantom appears in edition number 8 in the first series as can be seen below, published in 1950.

The Phantom is published in 12 editions in series 2, appearing on both the covers and in comic strip stories within. Below we see all editions featuring the Phantom on the cover, numbers 1, 92, 115, 134, 144, 185, 198, 207, 228, 229, 249 and 250, published between 1952 thru till 1957.

A sample of internal pages can be seen below.