Sunday Stories

A list of stories published in various newspapers around the world on Sunday’s:

1 The League of Lost Men FalkMoore28-May-3915-Oct-39
2 The Precious Cargo of Colonel Winn FalkMoore22-Oct-3910-Mar-40
3 The Fire Goddess FalkMoore17-Mar-4021-Jul-40
4 The Beachcomber FalkMoore28-Jul-4029-Dec-40
5 The Saboteurs FalkMoore5-Jan-4123-Feb-41
6 The Return of the Sky Band FalkMoore2-Mar-4122-Feb-42
7 The Impostor FalkMoore1-Mar-4211-Oct-42
8 Castle in the Clouds FalkMoore, McCoy18-Oct-4218-Apr-43
9 The Ismani Cannibals FalkMcCoy25-Apr-434-Jul-43
10 Hamid the Terrible FalkMcCoy11-Jul-4325-Jun-44
11 The Childhood of the Phantom FalkMcCoy2-Jul-447-Jan-45
12 The Golden Princess FalkMcCoy14-Jan-4524-Jun-45
13 The Strange Fisherman FalkMcCoy1-Jul-452-Dec-45
14 Queen Pera the Perfect FalkMoore9-Dec-4517-Mar-46
15 King of Beasts FalkMoore24-Mar-464-Aug-46
16 The Scarlet Sorceress FalkMoore, McCoy11-Aug-4622-Dec-46
17 The 12 Tasks FalkMoore, McCoy29-Dec-4629-Jun-47
18 The Dragon God FalkMoore6-Jul-4716-Nov-47
19 The Marshall Sisters FalkMoore, McCoy23-Nov-4716-May-48
20 The Phantom Trophy FalkMoore23-May-485-Sep-48
21 The Haunted Castle FalkMoore, McCoy12-Sep-4813-Feb-49
22 Fathers and Sons FalkMcCoy20-Feb-4924-Apr-49
23 The Flirtatious Princess FalkMcCoy1-May-4921-Aug-49
24 The Thuggees FalkMcCoy28-Aug-4919-Feb-50
25 The Ape Idol of the Durugu FalkMcCoy26-Feb-507-May-50
26 The Mysterious Passenger FalkMcCoy14-May-5016-Jul-50
27 Jungle King FalkMcCoy23-Jul-5022-Oct-50
28 The Phantom’s Ring FalkMcCoy29-Oct-5010-Jun-51
29 The Rope People FalkMcCoy17-Jun-514-Nov-51
30 Tale of Devil FalkMcCoy11-Nov-5123-Mar-52
31 The ‘Copter Pirates FalkMcCoy30-Mar-5213-Jul-52
32 The Female Phantom FalkMcCoy20-Jul-5212-Oct-52
33 Diana and the Bank Robbers FalkMcCoy19-Oct-521-Feb-53
34 The Chain FalkMcCoy8-Feb-5324-May-53
35 Madcap Miriam FalkMcCoy31-May-5318-Oct-53
36 The Imaginary Playmate FalkMcCoy25-Oct-5331-Jan-54
37 The Belt FalkMcCoy7-Feb-546-Jun-54
38 The Master Spy FalkMcCoy13-Jun-5410-Oct-54
39 Alexander’s Cup FalkMcCoy17-Oct-5427-Feb-55
40 The Gibs Brothers FalkMcCoy6-Mar-553-Apr-55
41 The Crescent Cult FalkMcCoy10-Apr-557-Aug-55
42 The Horned Star Demons FalkMcCoy14-Aug-556-Nov-55
43 A Proper Husband FalkMcCoy13-Nov-5512-Feb-56
44 The Jungle Tourneys FalkMcCoy19-Feb-5620-May-56
45 Pirate Day FalkMcCoy27-May-5619-Aug-56
46 The Rattle FalkMcCoy26-Aug-5613-Jan-57
47 Danglor, International Bank Thief FalkMcCoy20-Jan-577-Apr-57
48 A Lesson for Prince Orq FalkMcCoy14-Apr-5718-Aug-57
49 The Frameup FalkMcCoy25-Aug-5722-Dec-57
50 The Monster of Green Valley FalkMcCoy29-Dec-5727-Jul-58
51 The Plant God of the Massau FalkMcCoy3-Aug-5821-Dec-58
52 A Tale of the Good Mark FalkMcCoy28-Dec-5814-Jun-59
53 The Childhood of the Phantom FalkMcCoy21-Jun-593-Jan-60
54 The River Gang FalkMcCoy10-Jan-6022-May-60
55 The Honeymooners FalkMcCoy29-May-6023-Oct-60
56 The Goggle-Eye Pirates FalkMcCoy30-Oct-6026-Mar-61
57 Fluffy FalkMcCoy2-Apr-6113-Aug-61
58 The Limper FalkMcCoy, Infantino, Lignante20-Aug-6129-Oct-61
59 Queen Samaris XII FalkLignante5-Nov-6113-May-62
60 Treasure of the Skull Cave FalkBarry20-May-6228-Oct-62
61 The Astronaut and the Pirates FalkBarry4-Nov-6212-May-63
62 Old Baldy FalkBarry19-May-6315-Dec-63
63 The Giant Bird of Gandor FalkBarry22-Dec-6328-Jun-64
64 The Founding of the Jungle Patrol FalkBarry5-Jul-6424-Jan-65
65 The Great Web of Spidera FalkBarry31-Jan-6527-Jun-65
66 Mystery of Wamba Falls Inn FalkBarry4-Jul-6524-Oct-65
67 The Veiled Lady FalkBarry31-Oct-658-May-66
68 Rex King FalkBarry15-May-6611-Dec-66
69 The Golden Sands of Keela-Wee FalkBarry18-Dec-662-Apr-67
70 The Lions of Kukhan FalkBarry9-Apr-676-Aug-67
71 The Super-Jet Gang FalkBarry13-Aug-6726-Nov-67
72 Strangers at Keela-Wee FalkBarry3-Dec-6724-Mar-68
73 The Little Ones FalkBarry31-Mar-6811-Aug-68
74 The Black Gold Pirates FalkBarry18-Aug-6829-Dec-68
75 Walker’s Table FalkBarry5-Jan-6920-Apr-69
76 The Hijackers FalkBarry27-Apr-693-Aug-69
77 The Missing Link FalkBarry10-Aug-697-Dec-69
78 The Golden People FalkBarry14-Dec-6929-Mar-70
79 The Dolphins FalkBarry5-Apr-7014-Jun-70
80 The Beach FalkBarry21-Jun-7013-Sep-70
81 Alexander’s Diamond Cup FalkBarry20-Sep-707-Feb-71
82 The Tale of the Gooley-Gooley Witch FalkBarry14-Feb-719-May-71
83 The Stolen Trophy FalkBarry16-May-711-Aug-71
84 The Wig FalkBarry8-Aug-7131-Oct-71
85 Tale of the Good Mark FalkBarry7-Nov-716-Feb-72
86 The Smugglers FalkBarry13-Feb-7214-May-72
87 The Massacre FalkBarry21-May-7227-Aug-72
88 The Bike Gang FalkBarry3-Sep-725-Nov-72
89 The Hawk Master FalkBarry12-Nov-7211-Feb-73
90 The Sky Divers FalkBarry18-Feb-7327-May-73
91 Rex and the Little People FalkBarry3-Jun-7316-Sep-73
92 The Golden Wood FalkBarry23-Sep-7323-Dec-73
93 Phantom Treasure FalkBarry30-Dec-739-Jun-74
94 Tale of Joomba FalkBarry16-Jun-7429-Dec-74
95 Little Girl FalkBarry5-Jan-7511-May-75
96 The First Phantom FalkBarry18-May-7510-Aug-75
97 The Golden Beach FalkBarry17-Aug-7521-Dec-75
98 The Blue Giant FalkBarry28-Dec-7511-Apr-76
99 Joonkar and the Slavers FalkBarry18-Apr-7629-Aug-76
100 The Stolen Ring FalkBarry5-Sep-7619-Dec-76
101 The Swamp Dragon FalkBarry26-Dec-7617-Apr-77
102 The Hunters FalkBarry24-Apr-777-Aug-77
103 The Delta Pirates FalkBarry14-Aug-7723-Oct-77
104 The Wedding of the Phantom FalkBarry30-Oct-775-Feb-78
105 The Three Bandits FalkBarry12-Feb-7816-Apr-78
106 What’s Wrong with Hzz? FalkBarry16-Apr-7823-Jul-78
107 The Star of Bangalla FalkBarry30-Jul-785-Nov-78
108 The Heirs FalkBarry12-Nov-7820-May-79
109 Jungle Olympics FalkBarry27-May-792-Sep-79
110 The Name FalkBarry9-Sep-799-Dec-79
111 The Vault of Missing Men FalkBarry16-Dec-791-Jun-80
112 The Uninvited Visitors FalkBarry8-Jun-8016-Nov-80
113 Crook’s Haven FalkBarry23-Nov-8024-May-81
114 Crazy Louie’s Story FalkBarry31-May-818-Nov-81
115 Kit and the Little People FalkBarry15-Nov-8111-Apr-82
116 The Terrorists FalkBarry18-Apr-825-Sep-82
117 The Missing Link Family FalkBarry12-Sep-8216-Jan-83
118 Mysterious Karapura FalkBarry23-Jan-8331-Jul-83
119 The Eastern Dark FalkBarry7-Aug-8329-Jan-84
120 The Golden Beach of Keela-Wee FalkBarry5-Feb-846-May-84
121 The Deadliest Animals in the Jungle FalkBarry13-May-8419-Aug-84
122 The Third Phantom FalkBarry26-Aug-8417-Feb-85
123 The Whispering Grove FalkBarry24-Feb-859-Jun-85
124 The Forest Giants FalkBarry16-Jun-855-Jan-86
125 Phantom Head Peak FalkBarry12-Jan-8627-Apr-86
126 Sunken Treasure FalkBarry4-May-8631-Aug-86
127 The Escaped Convicts FalkBarry7-Sep-8621-Dec-86
128 Queen Amaza’s Mate FalkBarry28-Dec-8628-Jun-87
129 The Twins’ 8th Birthday FalkBarry5-Jul-8727-Sep-87
130 The Irrondi and the Great Ones FalkBarry4-Oct-8710-Apr-88
131 The Bride of Xali FalkBarry17-Apr-8817-Jul-88
132 Exodus of the Little People FalkBarry24-Jul-8826-Feb-89
133 Death from the Sky FalkBarry5-Mar-8923-Jul-89
134 Captain Amazon – Pirate Queen FalkBarry30-Jul-897-Jan-90
135 The Eastern Dark at Janorra FalkBarry14-Jan-9013-May-90
136 Return of the Thuggees FalkBarry20-May-9011-Aug-91
137 The Fourth Son FalkBarry18-Aug-9117-May-92
138 Tiger, Tiger FalkBarry24-May-926-Dec-92
139 How The Phantom Saved The Earth FalkBarry13-Dec-9218-Jul-93
140 The Jungle Olympics FalkBarry25-Jul-9316-Jan-94
141 The Isle of Death FalkBarry23-Jan-943-Jul-94
142 Phantom World FalkBarry, Olesen, Doescher10-Jul-944-Dec-94
143 Battle of the Jungle Boys FalkDoescher, Olesen, Fredericks11-Dec-9417-Sep-95
144 Queen Medusa FalkOlesen, Fredericks24-Sep-9526-May-96
145 The Lookout FalkOlesen, Fredericks2-Jun-9624-Nov-96
146 Dig FalkOlesen, Fredericks1-Dec-9624-Aug-97
147 Waterman FalkOlesen, Fredericks31-Aug-9719-Apr-98
148 The Vanished Village FalkOlesen, Fredericks26-Apr-9827-Sep-98
149 The Floradon Mystery FalkOlesen, Fredericks4-Oct-9814-Feb-99
150 The Kidnappers Falk, FalkOlesen, Fredericks21-Feb-9915-Aug-99
151 The Wharf Rats FalkOlesen, Fredericks22-Aug-9926-Dec-99
152 The Shipwreckers Avenell, ReimerthiOlesen, Fredericks2-Jan-0030-Jul-00
153 Woduro’s Secret ReimerthiNolan6-Aug-004-Mar-01
154 The Lion’s Head Tamarine ReimerthiNolan11-Mar-017-Oct-01
155 The War Mongers ReimerthiNolan14-Oct-017-Apr-02
156 The Briefcase ReimerthiNolan14-Apr-0229-Sep-02
157 The Snake Goddess’s Island ReimerthiNolan6-Oct-0230-Mar-03
158 Terror in Mawitaan DePaulNolan6-Apr-0328-Sep-03
159 The Sinbad Stone NolanNolan5-Oct-0328-Mar-04
160 The Viking Fortress Mystery DePaulNolan4-Apr-0426-Sep-04
161 The Iron Python DePaulNolan3-Oct-0427-Mar-05
162 The Prince Rex Conspiracy DePaulNolan3-Apr-0525-Sep-05
163 On the Trail of an Assassin DePaulNolan2-Oct-0526-Mar-06
164 Mystery of Fire Head Peak DePaulNolan2-Apr-0624-Sep-06
165 The Time Skip DePaulNolan1-Oct-0625-Mar-07
166 The Ossuary DePaulRyan1-Apr-0723-Sep-07
167 Plutonium Pirates DePaulRyan30-Sep-0723-Mar-08
168 The Accursed Land DePaulRyan30-Mar-0821-Sep-08
169 The Jungle Lesson DePaulRyan28-Sep-0822-Mar-09
170 The Love Triangle DePaulRyan29-Mar-0920-Sep-09
171 The Lost Kingdom of Avaria DePaulRyan27-Sep-0921-Mar-10
172 The Dirty Half-Dozen DePaulRyan28-Mar-1019-Sep-10
173 The Return of Colonel Weeks DePaulRyan26-Sep-1020-Mar-11
174 The Nomad DePaulRyan, Barreto27-Mar-1118-Sep-11
175 The Shadows of Rune Noble DePaulBarreto, Ryan, Beatty25-Sep-111-Apr-12
176 The Power House Gang DePaulBeatty8-Apr-1230-Sep-12
177 Revenge in Rhodia DePaulBeatty7-Oct-1214-Apr-13
178 Mandrake’s Bon Voyage DePaulBeatty21-Apr-1324-Nov-13
179 Death Stalks the 5th Phantom DePaulBeatty1-Dec-1325-May-14
180 The Ghost Story DePaulBeatty1-Jun-1423-Nov-14
181 The Iceman DePaulBeatty30-Nov-147-Jun-15
182 The Battlements of the Nomad DePaulBeatty14-Jun-1520-Dec-15
183 Trouble in the Twelve Nations DePaulBeatty27-Dec-1519-Jun-16
184 The Wiseguy DePaulBeatty26-Jun-162-Apr-17
185 The Phantom is Everywhere DePaulBeatty, Weigel9-Apr-171-Oct-17
186 The Rat Must Die DePaulWeigel8-Oct-1711-Nov-18
187 The Little Detective Who Disappeared DePaulWeigel18-Nov-1812-May-19
188 The Free Avar Front DePaulWeigel19-May-19 10-Nov-19
189The Spy ShipDePaulWeigel17-Nov-19