Universe Cards

The Phantom Universe Cards are produced by Frew Publications in Australia, commencing 2017. Universe Cards are a 2-sided postcard sized trading card, with an image of a Phantom story-line character on the front, and the characters biography on the reverse, including their tie-in to Phantom comics.

Universe Card number 1 showcases the Phantom, with the cards slowly being released by Frew Publications over the years, with a single card released upon the publication of a Phantom’s World, Kid Phantom or Giantsize comic. A Universe Card is given away with each of these comics to subscribers free of charge, or single cards can be purchased on the Frew Publications website.

The Universe Cards don’t come in a packet as traditionally seen with trading cards. Below we see the front and back of the first 8 cards released.

Depending on the comic issued, also depends on the Universe Card issued with that comic, as the character on the card will generally tie-in with the comic book. As of October 2021, 32 cards have been released.

A Universe Cards Collector Storage Binder was also released by Frew Publications in 2018, a black 3-ring binder with custom graphics on the front, rear and spine.