United Nations Day Stamp

The ‘United Nations Day’ Stamp is a novelty stamp issued free of charge with Fantomet comic book number 22, 1977 in Norway.

2 sheets of the stamp can be found within the comic which contain glue on the reverse side, similar to a traditional sticker. A four page article containing information on the United Nations and the ‘UN Day’ which falls on the 24th of September can be found within the comic.

The introductory page translates to:


September 24 is the UN’s “birthday”, known and celebrated worldwide as UN Day. The Phantom would like to mark this day, so you will find in this issue the Phantom’s UN stamp. Of course, these are not “postal” stamps, they cannot be used to stamp letters in the usual way. But there is glue on the back (they are not rubberized), and then stick them on the back of the envelope. It decorates, and it can also be a fun thing. Sharp Phantom readers consequently know that “Diana” is affiliated with the UN health service, therefore she has been given the place of honor on the stamp together with the Chief himself. Yes, then just pick up pen and paper! Someone is waiting for your Phantom letter… write it today!

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.