Treasures of Drakon Board Game

The Treasures of Drakon Board Game was co-produced by Frew Games and White Cat Press in Australia in 2021. Created by Alex Wynnter and Dale Maccanti, the fully licensed Board Game was initially offered as a Kickstarter campaign in April, 2019 to not only gauge interest, but to also have the funding prior to going into production.

The Board Game box is illustrated by Daniel Picciotto, with a large array of artists working on the games internal pieces, including Paul Mason, Jamie Johnson and Glenn Ford.


Things are hotting up for the Phantom as Princess Sin and her notorious Pirates of the Red Dragon have stolen valuable treasures from Bangalla. Before he could stop her, she fled to her island stronghold, Drakon. The Phantom and his allies must now trek through the booby-trap-infested jungle and defeat Princess Sin before the island sinks due to volcanic seismic activity.


Treasures of Drakon is a character driven race through a temple to hoard treasure to save them from the sinking island. You will encounter hidden traps, sacred rooms and of course your nemesis. Players use available action points to plan their way through the temple. Your hand of cards can aid your plans to steal items from other players, move faster or down hidden routes, avoid traps. Each player has a custom dice, player board, unique player power and mini to move around the board. The competitive game is won by accumulating the most Victory Points, and the game ends at a pre-determined amount of rounds organized at the start. The rounds are arranged in the form of a comic strip. 3 Games Modes are available; Player vs Player, Co-Operative and Solo Campaign.

Within the Treasures of Drakon Board Game, we find:

  • Miniatures x 7
  • Custom Dice x 7
  • Player Boards x 6
  • Event Tiles x 12
  • Cards x 136
  • Meeples x 24
  • Tokens x 120
  • Large Board x 1
  • Rulebook x 1

2 alternate game box slips were also produced, which are covers that slide over the games box, with the Phantom seen in a varying colored costume to purple, one red slip and one blue slip. The box slips were initially promoted as stretch goals in the Kickstarter campaign.