Tom-Tom Records

The Phantom Tom-Tom Records was produced by Tommy Moeller in Australia in 1981.

Offered in select music stores and through The Phantom Club of Australia, the ‘Legend of The Phantom’ 7”/45rpm was limited to a production of only 1,500.

Side A is titled “Legend of the Phantom” and side B is titled “Phantom”.

The record was sold in a simple slip-case, void of text or graphics.

Tom-Tom Records is fully licensed by King Features Syndicate. It was composed by Tommy Moeller who was born on the 23rd of February, 1945 in Liverpool, United Kingdom. Tommy, who moved to Australia in the late 1970’s, creates songs using simple words, insightfully phrased and weaved into pop music. Tommy’s lyrics range from poetic eloquence to repetitive pop rhythmic style to suit each song.

An advertisement for this record is found in several of the 8 The Phantom Club of Australia ‘Product Catalogs’. Such product catalogs were occasionally enclosed with the clubs newsletters posted to members. See below example.

The 45rpm was also advertised on the back cover of Frew Publications Phantom comic book numbers 768, 777, 778, 781, 784, 788, 789, 793, 798, 812 and 813. And the cassette version was advertised in comic book numbers 920 and 922.

‘The Independent Phantom Club’, formerly known as ‘The Phantom Club’ of Australia was founded by John Henderson in 1981 Coorparoo, Queensland, Australia and ended in 1995. During this 14+ year period, the club was very active with its promotion of the Phantom on T.V and Radio, and in newspapers and magazines. The Phantom Club published a total of 41 newsletters titled ‘Jungle Beat’. Issue number 1 thru to number 21 was under the name ‘The Phantom Club’, whilst issue number 22 thru to number 41 was under the name ‘Independent Phantom Club of Australia’.

Thank you Christopher Smith for assisting with images and information.