The Phantom’s World Collector Cards

The Phantom’s World Collector Cards are produced by Frew Publications in Australia. Released in June 2022, the set consists of 18 collector cards measuring 63mm x 89mm, fully licensed by King Features Syndicate. The cards were sold loose and not within a card packet as traditional trading cards are sold in, they came in 2 Ultra-Pro display sleeves.

The Phantom’s World Collector Cards were made available for purchase direct from Frew Publications and not sold in retail stores. We first see the collector cards advertised on Frew Publications website, then an advertisement in Phantom comic books, with the first advertisement appearing on the inside back cover of comic book number 1928.

Illustrated by artist Sal Velutto, the front of the Phantom’s World Collector Cards show an image of the Phantom as he’s presented in various counties. As the Phantom’s costume is published in different colors and styles around the world, the collector cards portray the Phantom as he’s known in 15 different countries. We also find the featured counties flag behind the Phantom plus the year the Phantom is first published in that country. A card number is also printed.

The reverse side of each card gives us the year and an image of the comic book the Phantom first appeared in plus the title of the Phantom as he’s known in that country.

The Phantom’s World Collector Cards are printed with a white screen-printed backed image of the Phantom, printed over a silver foil background, giving the trading card a reflective finish. The front and back of the 18 card set can be seen below.