The Phantom’s 3 Complete Game Set

The Phantom’s 3 Complete Game Set was released by Built-Rite in USA in 1956. The board game contains 3 separate games for 2 to 6 players. The set is numbered 729 by Built-Rite and is fully licensed by King Features Syndicate.

Warren Paper Products Company was established by Donald M Warren in Lafayette, Indiana, USA in 1921. It originally manufactured tin toy train sets aimed at children, also producing merchandise to decorate these sets, including paper houses/towns, bridges and trees.

From the 1940’s through to the 1970’s, the company released a variety of children’s toys, including toy figures, flash cards, indoor sports games, activity packs, puzzles and card games under the name of ‘Built-Rite’, consisting of a variety of themes and characters.

Warren Paper Products Company was purchased by Random House Publishing in 1986.

The 3 Game Set comes in a cardboard box with a lift-off lid. Only the lid contains illustrations and text in full color print on all external sides. The 3 games found within the set are titled on the lid, Jungle Gold, Elephant Hunt and Pyramid. We also see copyright information on the lid plus the maker of the set, Built-Rite.

Found within the box is a 2-sided fold-open game board, 6 round tokens and a 6-sided dice.

On one side of the fold-open game board we find the first game, Jungle Gold (with a multi-colored vibrant Jungle scene) , with the second side containing the remainder 2 games on the one surface, Elephant Hunt and Pyramid (in a blue and white design). Instructions for playing the Jungle Gold game are found on the side of the box lid, whilst the instructions for the Elephant Hunt and Pyramid games are located on the surface of the game board.

Game instructions as provided by Built-Rite can be seen below.

Jungle Gold Game Instructions

Players roll dice one time to determine the playing marker they will use, Player rolling highest number on the dice, plays the No. 1 marker, second highest, plays the No. 2 marker, etc. Players place their playing marker on the STARTING TENT, Players roll dice in turn, and move forward the amount of spaces (footprints) as indicated on the dice, IF A ‘ONE’ IS ROLLED AT ANY TIME, PLAYER MUST RETURN TO THE STARTING TENT. When a player returns to the starting tent, he receives the amount of points on the footprint he was on, when he rolled the (one)… Example: If a player is on the footprint with 18 on it, he returns to the starting tent and receives 18 points. If the player is already on the starting tent and rolls a ‘one’ on the dice, he loses 10 points. When one player’s marker lands upon another, top marker receives 5 points and receives another turn. Upon landing on any yellow footprint, the player receives amount of points as indicated on the yellow sign. When a player reaches the POT OF GOLD, he receives 100 points and returns to the starting tent. THE FIRST PLAYER TO GET 250 POINTS, WINS THE GAME. JUNGLE GOLD may be played without using the scoring system. Follow same directions as outlined, however, emit any scores, and the First Player to Reach the Pot of Gold, Wins the Game.

Elephant Hunt Game Instructions

Players choose a numbered marker and place them on the STARTING space. Each player rolls the dice and moves along the Elephant Tracks the amount of spaces indicated on the dice. If a player lands on a space with the Lion, Snake, or Tiger, the player is out of the game. Object of the game is to find an Elephant and the first player to land on one of them WINS THE GAME. Players may have to go around the tracks several times before finding any Elephants. If all of the players except one gets out of the game the last remaining player WINS THE GAME.

Pyramid Game Instructions

Players choose a marker, and in turn, roll the dice. Place the marker on one of the bottom spaces of the Pyramid that corresponds with the number rolled on the dice. With each roll, a player must move into any space directly beside, above or below the space the marker is located, if that number corresponds with the number rolled. When reaching the 2, 4 or 5, that is next to the FREE space, player may move into this space FREE. Player does not leave the FREE space until a 6 is rolled. Only 1 player may occupy a space at a time, except more then 1 player may be on the Free Space at a time. FIRST PLAYER TO CLIMB THE PYRAMID AND REACH THE TO (6) WINS THE GAME.