The Phantom Serial Daybill Poster

The Phantom Serial Daybill Poster was produced by F. Cunninghame & Co in Australia in the 1940s. Although the Daybill poster was produced in Australia, it was released and displayed in New Zealand theaters. The Daybill poster was produced featuring the Columbia Pictures production of The Phantom Serial released in USA in 1943, staring Tom Tyler playing the part of the Phantom and Jeanne Bates playing the part of Diana Palmer.

Daybill posters are movie posters which were traditionally displayed in New Zealand theaters, yet printed in Australia, of a certain format and size. These posters lacked any movie rating stamps, usually applied once they reached New Zealand theaters. Over time, Daybill posters changed in size,

  • Pre-War – 15” x 40”
  • War-Time – 10” x 30”
  • Post-War – 13” x 30”
  • Post-1980s – 13” x 26”

The Phantom Serial Daybill Poster is printed in full color measuring 13” x 30”.

The Daybill poster contains print on the one side, with the printers name found at the base on the right hand side, ‘F. Cunninghame & Co’. We also find the ‘Columbia Pictures’ logo on the poster, the producer of the serial. An error exists on the poster with Barbara Bates credited as playing Diana Palmer in the serial, instead of the name of the actual actress who played the part, Jeanne Bates.